Do you want to make it easier for customers to contact you? There are lots of benefits, but is it necessary to have a contact form for your WordPress website?

If you run a business, it’s important for customers to be able to contact you easily. Whether they want to buy, sign-up or ask questions, a simple contact method is the first step into winning new business.

Many websites start by putting an email address on their Contact page. Others still use HTML mailto links. They seem like obvious solutions, right? However, just relying on an email address means you could be missing out on a better alternative.

Contact forms can make everything easier and save you so much time. But if you’re still asking yourself “should I have a contact form on my website?” then read on. In today’s post, we’ll be listing the benefits to having a contact form on your website.

Protect your inbox from spam

There’s no avoiding spam 100%. But there are some ways you can limit it. One way is to get rid of publicly displayed email addresses and use a contact form. This way, you have more control over the messages you get.

You can be extra careful and include a reCAPTCHA function too. This ensures you only get genuine messages and are keeping those spambots at a safe distance. Using Formidable Forms’ spam protection feature will ensure your contact forms are fully protected.

Show professionalism with a website content form

Having a clean and clear contact form makes your website look more professional. A displayed email address doesn’t quite have the same effect. A contact form shows that you’re organized and have invested time in your website.

Keep track of your messages

When someone fills in your contact form, you’ll get a notification. This helps you keep track of all messages coming through your website in a simpler way. Too many emails get lost in spam filters, leaving unhappy customers without replies.

Simpler for your customers

The problem with an email address is that people have to come off your website to send you messages. They might not come back once the message is sent. Having a website contact form cuts out the middle man. It allows customers to send you a message directly with no hassle.

Get all the information you need

When customers send email queries, there’s usually missing information. They might forget to give you contact details to follow up. They may leave out reference numbers or product codes you need to solve their problems. This means there can be a lot of back and forth through emails while you chase up the missing information.

With contact forms, you can include boxes for customers to fill in. That way, you get everything you need in one quick and simple move. No more time wasted!

You could even include a subject/category box to save more time. Labelled queries can easily be directed to where they need to go. For example, sales related questions can go directly to the sales department.

Boost your email list numbers

Email is one of most effective ways to stay in touch with your target market. So, naturally, you’ll want to build an email list to keep people interested in your business.

How you sign up subscribers can make all the difference. If the sign-up process is clunky or long-winded, it can put people off. Having a smooth, simple way to sign people up can help to boost your numbers, and therefore sales.

A simple method is to have a check box on a contact form for people to sign up to your mailing list automatically.

Wrapping up

So, there you have it, the benefits to having a contact form on your website. We hope this has helped you decide whether a contact form is right for you and your WordPress website.